Selective publish allows you to update individual posts or pages on your site!

Perfect for fixing typos or updating content quickly!

There are two ways you can use selective publish:

From the WordPress Admin bar: When you're on a post or a page, click the Strattic button in the admin bar, select the Preview or Live environment, and click "Publish this page".

If you're creating a new post/page, you'll need to refresh the page after doing the regular WordPress publish in order to see the Selective Publish option.

From the Publish Options page:
You can specify a list of URLs to be published. Navigate to the Publish Options page by going to Strattic > Publish in the side menu (or Strattic > "Go to Publish Options" from the admin bar).

Select your environment (Preview or Live) and then scroll down to the "Selective Publish" section.

Here, you can add a list of URLs to be published.

All you have to do is enter the relative URLs in the text box and click on the "Plus" button to add more URLs. When you click on the Selective Publish button, only those URLs that you listed will be published to your Preview or Live static site.

That's it! You updated your static site faster than ever! 🎉

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