A Quick Publish only updates your static site with the latest content published or updated since the last publish.

This is great for publishing your latest content to your static site...quickly!

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To access the Quick Publish feature go to Strattic > Publish in your WordPress menu.

On the Publish page, you'll see a checkbox for the Quick Publish.

Quick Publish will publish the following content:

  • New or edited Posts (including Custom Post Types)
  • New or edited Pages
  • Affected categories (because of a new post in that category)
  • Affected tags (because of a new post with that tag)
  • Affected taxonomies (because of a new post in that taxonomy)
  • Sitemap
  • Main RSS feed (/feed)

When not to use a quick publish?

Since only a few pages get published during a quick publish, you shouldn't use it for the following scenarios:

  • Changes to the Navigation Menu
  • Changes to the Sidebar
  • Changes to the Footer
  • Switching themes
  • Changes to any site-wide elements
  • Adding a new plugin that affects every page of your site
  • After migrating a site

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