Recommended Setup

All Strattic sites run on a CDN (content delivery network) which in order to work, requires a CNAME record to point to. The problem is that while you can use CNAME records for subdomains (, they are forbidden on the root ( by the DNS standard.

Therefore our recommended method is to use a www subdomain.

Once set up on a www subdomain we then use a redirection server to forward visitors going to the http:// and root versions to the https://www. version. This means that no matter what URL your visitors use, they would always end up on your website.

Using your Root as your Primary Domain

It is possible to use your root domain as your primary address (if your DNS host supports it) by using an ANAME record (also known as ALIAS records or CNAME flattening). This is like a CNAME record, but it can be used on your root domain.

Therefore, you can point your domain without the www subdomain like to our CloudFront CNAME (eg: Then redirect the www subdomain to the root.

As this is not standard practice there are only a handful of DNS providers that offer this advanced setup.

We recommend:

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