1. Log in to the site you want to migrate to Strattic. Go to Plugins > Add New and search for the Migrate Guru plugin and then click the “Install Now” button.

2.  Then, click Activate.

3. Go to the Migrate Guru settings

4. Fill out your email address and click “Migrate Site”

5. On the next screen, select "FTP"

6.  You'll then see this screen:

7. For the Destination Site URL, log in to the Strattic Dashboard and click "Go to WordPress Dashboard" (this spins up your site's container) 

After the container spins up, you'll see a HTTP Auth prompt to Sign in. 

The credentials can be found in your Strattic Dashboard, go to Connection Info > HTTP (Basic Auth) Credentials.

After you get past the HTTP Auth screen, copy the root of the WordPress staging URL (without the /wp-admin/install.php)👇

Note: You DO NOT need to complete the famous 5 minute WordPress installation.

8.  For FTP Type, select SFTP

9. To fill out the SFTP details, go to the Strattic Dashboard, and grab the SFTP details from the Connection Info tab. 

10. For the Directory Path, use /public_html/

11. For the Destination Website Password Protected, in your Strattic Dashboard, go to Connection Info > HTTP (Basic Auth) Credentials.

12. Click "Submit" in MigrateGuru.

13. MigrateGuru will then show you the progress of your migration and send you an email you once it's finished.

14. To see your migrated site, log into Strattic and click on the "Go to WordPress Dashboard" button.

15. To publish your site on Strattic and convert your WordPress site to a static version of itself, check out our tutorial on publishing your site.

Hurray! You did it!! Seriously, you're awesome.

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