When creating internal links you should use the WordPress staging URL of your site https://example.site.strattic.io/about-us/ or relative links like /about-us/.

This URL will be rewritten to your live or preview URL when you do a Strattic publish.

Here are two examples of how URLs will change after they've been published:

  • When publishing to preview, https://example.site.strattic.io/about-us/ will get re-written as https://example.preview.strattic.io/about-us/ on the preview site.

  • When publishing to live, if you haven’t yet connected your custom domain https://example.site.strattic.io/about-us/ would get re-written as https://example.live.strattic.io/about-us/ on the live site. Or, If you have connected your custom domain, it would get re-written as https://www.yourdomain.com/about-us/ on the live site.


If you're using Yoast SEO to analyze internal links in your content, the links must use the WordPress staging URL rather than the live or preview URLs.

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