Daily Backups

On a daily basis, we check to see if there’s been a change to your WordPress site and if so, we make a backup of your database and files. Backups are retained based on the plan you are on, 30 days for customers on Solo and Business plans, and 60 days for our Enterprise and Agency customers.

You can access your backups from your Strattic Dashboard by clicking the Details button of your website, then clicking the Backups from the menu.

On-Demand Backups

The Backup Now button allows you to perform a backup on-demand whenever needed.

This is useful if you are about to install or update a plugin or theme.

Download Backups

Downloading a backup will allow you to keep a copy of your backup that would otherwise be deleted after 30 days (Solo and Business plans) or 60 days (Enterprise & Agencies plans).

A backup can be downloaded by;

a) select the backup/s you want to download first

b) click the download button

Restore Backup

In order to restore your website to a specific date and time, please contact Strattic support via the live chat widget.

Backup Exclusions

We choose not to back up certain files and folders as part of your Strattic backup. They are usually items that are not needed, such as debug logs and third-party backup files. This reduces the size of your backup file.

The following list of files and directories are not included in the backup:

  • "wp-content/ai1wm-backups/*"

  • "updraft/*"

  • "wp-content/debug.log"

If you need these exclusions, you should download them and keep a local backup.

Backup Plugins

Your WordPress site may be backed up by third-party plugins. However, you must first log into WordPress to start your container.

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