The Elementor page builder offers a contact form module that allows you to easily add forms to your WordPress site. In this article, we go over how to get Elementor forms working with Strattic.

This process involves using Formspree, a service for processing form submissions. Formspree offers free and premium plans.

1. Sign up for a Formspree Account

2. Go to Strattic > Settings > Forms in your WordPress site

3. Enable "Formspree Form Support"

4. Click "Connect Formspree" and login to your Formspree account

5. Next click the "Complete Formspree Setup" button

6. Finally, click Save Changes

7. Visit the page with the form on your WordPress site and test it out (not just the Elementor preview of the page).

8. You will now see the form and submissions show up in Formspree.

10. You should also receive an email with the form submission.

11. Publish your static site (do not use Quick Publish for this)

12. Navigate to the static site and test submitting the form. You should see the form submission in Formspree and receive an email notification. Examining the form with web inspector will show the action of the form pointing to Formspree.

NOTE: You must visit one of the pages where the form appears one time after setting it up in order for the integration to work.

OPTIONAL: With a paid Formspree account, you can redirect visitors to a custom thank you page URL (an option that will appear in the Formspree settings).

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