WP Shopify is a WordPress plugin that lets you add Shopify product listings and cart to your static site on Strattic.

How to Setup WP Shopify

1. To setup WP Shopify, first install the plugin from your WordPress Dashboard.

2. Go to WP Shopify > Connect and enter in your Shopify store data (instructions on how to do this).

3. Next come under WP Shopify > Settings and Enable Default Pages. Select a Shop page to list your products. Click Save WP Shopify Settings. (You can also use shortcodes on other pages).

4. Visit the Shop page on your site and see your products listed.

5. Try adding an item to the cart and viewing the cart.

The actual checkout process takes place on your Shopify domain, for https://example your-store.myshopify.com.

How to Setup Up Product Detail Pages

By default WP Shopify lists your products all on one page.

It is also possible to create individual product pages for each product in your Shopify store.

To set this up, follow these 5 steps:

1. Go into the WP Shopify settings and click on the "Settings" tab.

2. Enable "Default Product Pages" and select Product Links Open in WordPress.

3. Save your settings and go to the Tools tab.

4. Click on "Sync Detail Pages." This will create individual pages for all of your Shopify products.

5. Go to your Shop page and click on a product. It should take you to that product details page.

Get More Help

WP Shopify has documentation to help with additional options and features. This includes so of the following:

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