All Strattic sites come with a Strattic WordPress plugin with two main pages: Publish and Settings.

  1. Publish - Gives you options for Live and Preview Publishing from WordPress to your static site.
  2. Settings - Gives you various options for managing your WordPress site and how your static site is generated.

General Settings

Under general settings we have options for controlling what user roles in WordPress have the ability to publish the static site.

Notice that you can control who publishes to the Live site and Preview site independently. Depending on your team you may want to grant only administrators the ability to publish the live static site.

Search Settings

Strattic will automatically replace the WordPress search on a site with the static supported Algolia search.

If you do not require search on your site, you can disable "Search Index."

Taxonomy Search will add the ability to search within category, tag and taxonomy titles and descriptions.

By default Strattic will generate your search results page to You can change this to a different URL if desired. You do not need to have a page in WordPress to match this URL.

The final setting will let you control the excerpt length for search results.

It is also possible to customize how search results are displayed. Please contact support for help with this if needed.

Forms Settings

At Strattic we have a custom forms API that enables certain WordPress contact form plugins to work on your static site. Currently we support Contact Form 7 and Gravity Forms.

Advanced Settings

The advanced settings tab has several options for how your site is optimized during the publishing process.

"File Size Optimization" features for HTML, CSS and JavaScript can often speed up the initial page load time for your site.

However, test these features one at a time. It is possible that optimization can break the design or functionality of your site.

The next set of features, "Publishing Optimization," gives you the opportunity to disable the creation of static pages for your attachments, various feeds and embedded pages. Much of the time you can disable these and it will speed up the publishing time for your site.

The final setting lets you add non-WordPress pages to be added to your static site. This feature is not generally needed.

Read more about "How to Optimize Your Site on Strattic."

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