If you want to set up redirects from one page to another on your site, you can use the Redirection plugin for WordPress.

  • Go to the Plugins page in your WordPress admin
  • Click Add New
  • Type redirection into the search box
  • When you find Redirection, click Install Now
  • Click Activate
  • Click Tools > Redirection
  • In the Redirection tool, in the Add new redirection section, put the old URL in the Source URL field and the new URL in the Target URL field.  
    Make sure to use relative URLs (ex. /about-us/) instead of absolute URLs (https://thefullabsoluteurl.com/about-us).
    Make sure to add a slash at the end of the URL.

LAST STEP: Click the "Strattic Publish" button (or do a test publish first) 😀

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