1. Log in to the Strattic Dashboard
  2. Click on "Edit in WP" (see screenshot below) 

3. After the container spins up, you'll see a HTTP Auth prompt to Sign in. (See Screenshot below)

The credentials can be found in your Strattic Dashboard, Click on "Details" and you'll see the info in the Connection Info Tab > HTTP (Basic Auth) Credentials.

4. Once you're in the WordPress Dashboard, add posts, pages, etc. as usual or you can migrate your site

5. Optional: You can first publish a preview by clicking Preview Publish.

7. Once the site is finished publishing, you'll see a popup with the URL of the preview static site. 

8. If everything looks good, you can go ahead and publish (deploy) to your live site, just click the Strattic button in the admin bar.

Note: During the publish (deployment) process, all the links on your site go through a search and replace process so that the live static site uses the correct URLs. 

9. Once you click the Strattic Publish button, you’re done! Your site now has all the goodies 🍬: static, SSL, CDN, HTTP/2, greater security and scalability, and faster load times.

What's next? Make my publishing faster!

Quick Publish

Go to Strattic > Publish to enable Quick Publish, when you want to publish new and updated posts and pages.

Speed up publishing by removing non-essential types of content from getting published

If you are not using date archives, attachment pages, non-essential RSS feeds, Embed pages, go to Strattic > Settings > Advanced to remove non-essential types of content from getting published.

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