WP Rocket

Recommend settings and troubleshooting


With WP Rocket, it’s recommended to activate the Preload feature.

Note: If you wish to use the “Generate Critical CSS Paths” feature in WPRocket, you will need to contact Strattic support so we can whitelist the necessary WPRocket IP addresses.

Eliminate Render-Blocking Resources

Enabling these settings will help with the performance metric in Lighthouse that says “Eliminate render-blocking resources.” This refers to files that are set to load before the content on the page can load.

Disable Cache

WP Rocket, offer caching as one of several features that you can disable (see WP Rocket Disable Page Caching Plugin)

Read more about why you don’t need caching plugins at Strattic.


If you make significant changes to the website and publish the page or do a full site publish the CSS elements may not publish properly.

This issue is easily solved by clearing the WP Rocket cache before each publish.

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