What are Strattic’s system requirements?

Here are the system requirements you need in order to use Strattic.

WordPress 5.8 or Greater

Strattic works with WordPress version 5.8 or greater.

PHP 7.4 and 8.1

Strattic supports PHP v7.4. If you’d like to upgrade to PHP v8.1, please contact support via live chat or support@strattic.com

MySQL 5.7

Strattic works with MySQL version 5.7.

Compatible Plugins and Tools
Static WordPress sites work a little differently than traditional WordPress sites. After the static site is launched, it does not have a connection to the WordPress database.

This can affect native WordPress functionality, like advanced search filters and comments. Certain types of WordPress Plugins may also not function as expected with a static site. Learn more here


As web technology develops, it’s important for users to keep their websites up-to-date. Older browsers may not support the full set of features provided by Strattic. Following is a chart of the systems that are supported by Strattic:



Google Chrome

100.x and above

Microsoft Edge

100.x and above


100.x and above


100.x and above


MacOS Safari 14 and above

Note: No versions of Internet Explorer are supported.

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