Strattic support for Elementor Forms

Strattic supports most Elementor Forms functionality.

Who loves Elementor? Everyone that’s who! That is why Strattic has rolled out native support for Elementor forms, which is part of Elementor Pro. 🥳 🎉

Using Elementor Forms on Strattic:

(Prerequisite: Installing and activating the Elementor Website Builder plugin, plus activating a Pro license)

Strattic supports Elementor Forms out of the box! There is no need to enable any Strattic specific settings.

Step 1

If you don’t yet have any Elementor forms set up on your site, go ahead and create one now.

Step 2

After you have added a form to your site, be sure to click the green publish/update button to save the changes to WordPress.

Step 3

To publish your changes to your static environment you will need to exit the Elementor editor.

a) click the Elementor menu item

b) click exit to WordPress

Step 4

Now the Elementor editor is closed, mouse over the Strattic button in the header menu and perform a full publish to your chosen environment (Live or Preview).

Step 5

Test submitting your form. Whoever is configured to receive email confirmations in Elementor Forms will get an email notification with the form submission details. Tada!

Below are the features of Elementor Forms that are supported on Strattic

Form Fields

  • Text* ✔️

  • Email ✔️

  • Text Area* ✔️

  • URL ✔️

  • Tel ✔️

  • Radio ✔️

  • Select ✔️

  • Checkbox ✔️

  • Acceptance ✔️

  • Number ✔️

  • Date ✔️

  • Time ✔️

  • File Upload ✔️(single file only)

  • Password ✔️

  • HTML ✔️

  • Hidden* ✔️

  • reCAPTCHA V3 (learn more)

  • Honeypot 𝙓

  • Step (multi-step) 𝙓

* Text fields, text area, and hidden fields support dynamically populating fields from query parameters.

Actions After Submit

  • Collect Submissions ✔️

  • Email ✔️

  • Email 2 ✔️

  • Redirect **✔️

  • Webhook ✔️

  • MailChimp*

  • Drip*

  • ActiveCampaign*

  • GetResponse*

  • ConvertKit*

  • MailerLite*

  • Slack*

  • Discord*

  • Popup 𝙓

* You can connect these services by using the Webhook with Zapier.

** Redirect to URL only, dynamic tags are not supported.

Required Fields

You can make any field required!


After a user fills out a form, you can display a thank you message underneath the form.


Send an email notification upon submission.

Supported features:

  • “To” field ✔️

  • “Subject” field ✔️

  • “Message” field ✔️

  • “From Email” 𝙓 (All emails sent from Strattic’s server will be sent from no-reply@strattic.com, in order to send from your own custom domain, you need to configure your own SMTP server.)

  • “From Name” field ✔️

  • “Reply-To” field ✔️

  • “CC” field ✔️

  • “BCC” field ✔️

  • “Meta Data” tags ✔️

Other supported features

On the roadmap

  • Redirect to a thank you page

Form Submissions

To view all form submissions

  1. Click Elementor from your left-hand menu

  2. Click the Form Submissions submenu

  3. Select a form to view its entries.

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