HTTP Auth at Strattic

Why we have it and how to use it

Security is a primary focus at Strattic. For this reason, when your WordPress admin is active, it is protected behind a layer of HTTP Authentication. This prevents any unauthorized users or bots from accessing your WordPress install.

Where To Find Your WordPress Site’s HTTP Auth Credentials

The HTTP Auth credentials are different from your Strattic login and WordPress user login credentials. Here is how to find the HTTP Auth credentials for a site on Strattic.

Step 1.
Login to your Strattic dashboard

Step 2.
Then click on the “Details” button

Step 3.
Finally, look under the “WordPress Connection Info” tab for your HTTP (Basic Auth) Credentials. You will see options to easily copy and paste your credentials or view your password.

NOTE: Each site in your Strattic account has one set of HTTP Auth credentials

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