How to Setup Pico Membership and Payment Gateway

A step-by-step guide for static membership sites

In this article we show how to setup the Pico membership tool with your Strattic WordPress site. This will allow you to require users to signup in order to access gated content on your static site. Pico also allows for paid memberships.

Step 1: Connect Pico and WordPress:

To get started you will need to connect your WordPress site to a Pico account.

Step 2: Setup URLs in Pico Account Settings:

The first important step when setting up Pico involves making sure you have the correct URLs added in the Account Settings.

Luckily Pico offers the ability to add several URLs for your live an testing sites:

  • Primary URL: Enter the URL for your live static site

  • Staging URL: Optionally enter the URL for your static preview site

  • Development URL: Optionally enter the URL for your WordPress install

Now you can proceed to setting up the registration and access rules.

Step 3: Setup Access Rules

In the main Pico Dashboard scroll down to the “Registration Rules” settings and click on the “Request registration rule.”

Then click on the Access tab.

Then check the “Lock site content for anyone who is not registered.”

Here you can determine how many pages on your site a visitor can access before they are required to register. If registration should be required for all content, set the “Limit unregistered access to” option to “0 locked pages.”

Now when you publish your static site you will see the Pico registration form popup when you visit the site.

NOTE: If someone closes out of the registration form without signing up or logging in, they will be able to see the first paragraph of content along with a “Read More” button that opens the registration form again.

Further Configurations:

There is a lot more you can do with Pico, including custom registration options, levels of membership and requiring payments.

For additional help and support, visit the Pico Support Site.

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