How to Setup Ecwid Ecommerce on Strattic

A step by step tutorial

Ecwid is a headless eCommerce solution that integrates with WordPress. You can learn more about how Ecwid and Strattic work together here.

The setup process for Ecwid on Strattic is pretty simple:

  1. Install the Ecwid WordPress plugin

  2. Sign up for an Ecwid account or log in to an existing account in the WordPress Ecwid main settings page

  3. Setup your store as desired using Ecwid blocks and widgets

  4. Modify Ecwid settings so URLs work on static (see below)

  5. Test on your static Preview site

Modify Ecwid Settings So URLs Work on Static

By default, if you try to visit a direct link for a product on your static site it will not work. Or order to fix this you will have to have to modify a hidden setting in Ecwid.

Go to the following URL in your WordPress dashboard:


Here you will see an option for ecwid_seo_links_enabled. Make sure to set that to off. Your URLs will still work normally, but this will fix the issue with visiting a product URL directly.

A Video Overview

If you would like to see a high-level overview of the setup process (not including the setting modifications above) check out this walk-through video!

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