How to Change Your DNS Records with Your Domain Name Provider

Instructions for making CNAME and A Record changes for your domain


  • If you are looking to point your domain name to Strattic, please see these instructions.

  • If you have existing CloudFront distribution connected to your domain you must delete it (not disable it) before connecting the domain to Strattic

Instructions on How to Add a CNAME or A Record

Instructions for how to add CNAME and A records for specific Domain Registrars:




(e.g. https://www.yourdomainname.com)
(e.g. https://yourdomainname.com)


  • Add a CNAME (Hint: just put in the first part of the Host name, and NameCheap will fill in the rest of the domain)

  • Add an A Record (Hint: use @ as the Name)


IONOS by 1&1



AWS Route 53

Option 1: When setting up a “www” domain (e.g. https://www.yourdomainname.com) and you want non-www to redirect to www, please follow the standard steps within the Strattic Dashboard. When you get to the step that asks you to add two A records within your DNS provider, Route53 allows adding multiple A records per line.

Option 2: When setting up a “non-www” domain (e.g. https://yourdomainname.com) and you want www to redirect to non-www, please refer to this guide.


1. Log in to your gandi.net account;

2. Go to Domains and select the domain you want to add records to
3. Go to DNS Records and click Add

⚠️ Important: When using Gandi you must include the dot (.) at the end of the hostname.

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