Google Tag Manager (GTM)

What is Google Tag Manager?

Google Tag Manager (GTM) is a user friendly tool that allows you to simplify the process of adding tracking codes to your website.

The GTM dashboard allows you to add, edit, and disable tags without having to modify the source code of your website.

A few examples of tags are;

  • Google Analytics tracking code

  • Google Analytics event code

  • Google Ads Conversion Tag

  • Google Ads Remarketing Tag

  • Facebook Pixel code

  • Crazyegg tracking code

  • Any other custom HTML/Javascript code.

Google Tag Manager vs Google Analytics

To start with, each of them serves a completely different purpose.

Google Tag Manager is a tool for putting tags on your website. It has no reporting features, it controls what data points are sent from your website to Google Analytics or other marketing tools.

The main purpose of Google Analytics (GA) is to track, store, and generate reports about your website, such as:

  • What was the number of visitors to your website?

  • What pages did they visit?

  • Where did they get referred from?

  • Are they from a particular country?

You donโ€™t need GA to use GTM, but if you are using both of these services, the best implementation would be to have only GTM tracking code on your website, and link GA through GTM.

Using GTM with Strattic

  1. Add your GTM to your WordPress website. Please refer to our guide on installing Google Tag Manager here.

  2. Once installed run a Strattic Full Publish your static site.

It’s that simple! Due to the fact that the original code snippet does not change, you can add tags within GTM without having to publish again on Strattic.

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