Can I add a tracking pixel to my Strattic site?


Tracking pixels can be used with your Strattic hosted site. Some examples of tracking pixels include Google Analytics tracking code, LinkedIn Insight Tag and Facebook/Meta Pixel.

A tracking pixel is a small, transparent image that is embedded in a website. Its function is to gather data for analytics and marketing purposes by tracking user behavior. When a user accesses the website the tracking pixel sends information, such as the user’s IP address, time, and date, back to the server for analysis. This information can be used to evaluate the success of marketing campaigns and better understand user behavior.

There are several ways to add tracking pixels to a WordPress site:

Via plugins: WordPress has several plugins, such as “Insert Headers and Footers“, that allow you to easily add tracking pixels to your site without having to modify the code directly. If you have built your site using Elementor Pro, you can easily add a tracking pixel by using the Elementor custom code feature.

By adding code to the theme’s header or footer file: You can add the tracking pixel code directly to your WordPress theme’s header.php or footer.php file.

Once the code has been added via your chosen method, you will need to run a Full Publish to your live site.

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